The Facts

Elexicon was formed by the merger of two former utilities; Veridian Corporation and Whitby Hydro Energy Corporation. The newly formed Elexicon officially became a Corporation on April 1, 2019.

In most cases where there are two competing Unions in a merger, the Employer(s) or the Unions or both will make an application to the Ontario Labour Relations Board under Section 69(Sale of Business) of the Ontario Labour Relations Act requesting the OLRB’s assistance to determine which Union will represent the unionized staff in the newly formed company following the merger. In many instances, any such application will lead to the OLRB ordering a vote of the affected employees to take place. Any such vote will always be by way of secret ballot and be administered by an OLRB Officer. Your Union will continue to provide you with updates on this process as it unfolds.

The IBEW Local 636 is committed to working closely with the unit chairperson and committees within each of our represented utilities to ensure your rights are protected throughout the merger process.

We will continue to provide you with new information as this merger unfolds.